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  • PATCH NOTES: 5.0+

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    New Storyline: Knights of the Eternal Throne! Knights of the Eternal Throne continues the Outlander's epic conflict against the evil Eternal Empire with nine new Chapters. All classes can now reach Level 70! New System! Dark vs. Light! Players contribute dark and light points to their server's alignment. New System: Galactic Command! Adventure throughout the galaxy and earn progress towards the most powerful gear regardless of what content your play! New Repeatable Group Content: Uprisings! Uprisings are fast-paced, powerup-filled adventures for four players featuring two difficulty modes: Story and Veteran. Start at Level 65! Jump right into the action of Knights of the Eternal Throne with the option to begin the game at level 65! Choose your Advanced Class at character creation! Existing characters that have not yet chosen an Advanced Class will be prompted to do so after logging into the game. Ranked Warzone Arena Season 8 has started! Get in there and go berserk! Scroll to top

    Knights of the Eternal Throne*

    *Knights of the Eternal Throne content is only available to players who are eligible for the two Knights of the Eternal Throne subscriber rewards by having been a Premium player from October 25th to November 27th, 2016. All other Premium players will be able to access the content on December 2nd, 2016. Some features require Premium status. For more information about Knights of the Eternal Throne, visit Scroll to top

    Dark vs. Light

    Players can now choose whether they are fighting for the Dark or Light side of the Forceā„¢. Upon doing so, all actions, including defeating elite targets, completing Missions, and making story choices will contribute to the ongoing dark vs. light side war on each server. These Dark and Light side choices will influence the balance of the two sides of the Force on each server, reflected on the Dark vs. Light side meter shown at the bottom of the Galactic Command interface. As one side begins to dominate, players will begin to see the impact all around them, including new World Bosses that will require a concentrated effort from a large group of players to defeat. To be declared the winner of the Dark vs. Light side war, one side must reach "Dark 5" or "Light 5". Upon winning, a few things will happen on the server based on your character's alignment. If your character is aligned with the winning side (e.g., your character is Dark side, and the Dark side won the war on your server), you will reap the following benefits: Bonus Command Experience points earned Access to a special cosmetic item vendor If your character's alignment matches the losing side (e.g., your character is Light side, and the Light side lost the war), they will receive the following benefits: A bonus to all light side points earned Your galaxy will remain in a "victory state" for a period of time before the war resets. However, this time, the losing side will have an advantage to try to swing the balance back in their favor. During the "Victory State", that side's influence can be seen and felt throughout the galaxy. Powerful bosses loyal the victor's side will appear on Tattooine, Alderaan, Hoth, and Dromund Kaas or Coruscant. On each of those worlds, there are 8-10 possible places the bosses may appear, and a 25% chance in each spawn area that the boss will stay and face battle. If the losing side can defeat these bosses they will earn bonus Command Experience as well as a chance to earn Dark or Light Tokens. For example, if the light side wins, light side bosses will randomly appear on some worlds. If dark-aligned players defeat these enemies, they have a chance to earn Dark Tokens. These tokens can be used at the special cosmetic item vendor mentioned above. During this period, the winning side earns bonus Command Experience Points, as well as their Light or Dark Tokens when they earn Command Crates. Scroll to top

    Galactic Command

    Galactic Command is both an access point and progression system for content in the game. Access the Galactic Command Interface via the in-game menu, or Ctrl + G by default. Every day a new activity will be highlighted on the interface. These highlighted activities provide a Command Bonus. When an activity has a Command Bonus, you earn bonus Command Experience points each time you play. Earning Command Rank is achieved by playing almost any activity in the game. Every time you play, you earn Command Experience points which increases your Command Rank, earning you rewards in the form of new Command Crates. The Command Experience Points (CXP) you earn are based on a few factors: the difficulty of the activity (Story, Veteran, Master), how many players are required, and how long it takes to complete. For example, you will earn substantially more CXP for completing a Master Difficulty Operation than you will for completing a Heroic Mission. Completing a Command Rank bar earns the character a Galactic Command Level and a Command Crate. Each Command Crate will have several items including: A random un-modded outfit piece or weapon A random gear piece fully modded with a chance of having a set bonus A random chance to get a crew skill schematic A chance of getting Jawa Scraps, Rank 5 or 6 Companion gifts, or a reputation item. Scroll to top

    Replayable Chapters

    Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapters can now be replayed. Once you complete any chapter in any mode, you can launch those chapters again via the Chapter Launcher (Shift+E by default). Select the Chapter you would like to play from the selections on the left. Only chapters you are eligible to start will be highlighted. Then once selected click the Grant Mission button and then the Launch button. The choices you made in your first play through of each chapter remain as your permanent choices going forward and are not overwritten by repeat playthroughs. Repeat playthroughs will always reference those permanent choices even when played out of order. Scroll to top

    Chapter Difficulties

    Players now have the option to play chapters in different difficulties. The currently supported modes are Story and Veteran. Story mode is the default setting and is aimed for players that want exciting combat and storytelling but are not looking for a challenging gameplay experience. Veteran mode is for those players that want exciting combat, storytelling, and are looking for a more challenging gameplay experience. Players can set their default preference from their preferences menu and from the drop down on the chapter launcher window (Shift+E by default). Scroll to top


    All references to old difficulty names have been updated to be consistent. The new names are: Story, Veteran, and Master modes. Players will see this terminology in all content types: Chapters, Uprisings, Flashpoints, and Operations. The following currencies have been removed from the game. These currencies no longer drop, and it is no longer possible to acquire them. In addition, these currencies that are in a character possession will be removed, and exchanged for credits at the below rates. Characters will accumulate these credits up to a cap of 2,000,000 credits. Common Data Crystals 1:500 Glowing Data Crystals 1:1000 Radiant Data Crystals 1:1500 Warzone Commendations 1:50 Season 6 Commendations 1:50 All four Origin planets have been re-itemized to support Advanced Characters starting at Level 1. Added new engine technology to improve fidelity of facial expressions in conversations and cinematics for all characters across the entire game. This graphical improvement is visible on High Shader setting. Character animation is smoother and more performance allowing for more visible characters. Combat and large population scenes run significantly faster. The visibility system has been optimized increasing the framerate and making the use of cascaded shadows less expensive. The available Character Slots have been updated: 52 slots for Premium Players 26 slots for Preferred Players 22 slots for Free to Play Players Fixed an issue that occasionally caused shadows to have hard edges. Fixed an issue where Defense Turrets in the Black Hole area would attack players outside of the intended range. Fixed an issue that caused the Guild Set Rank Name, Set Rank Description, Message of the Day, and Guild Description windows to become unusable if they were closed with the "X" button. Data Crystal Vendors have been removed from the game, with the exception of Mod Vendors, which now sell Modifications for Credits. The Gear Vendors in the Supplies section of both the Imperial and Republic Fleets have been replaced with Dark and Light vendors, featuring new rewards for the Dark Vs Light System. The Gear Vendors in the Combat Training section of both the Imperial and Republic Fleets have been replaced with a new access point for Uprisings, Heroics, and Ranked PvP Vendors. The Heroic Terminals on both fleets have moved to the Combat Training section of the fleets. Increased the amount of Dark and Light points required to reach different Dark Side/Light Side ranks. All characters have had their location on the alignment bar updated. Scroll to top

    Cartel Market

    Start a New Character at Level 65! Outlander Character Tokens are available for purchase in the Cartel Market. These tokens allow you to create either a level 60 or level 65 character. Existing Level 60 Character Tokens will become Outlander Character Tokens. Armor from the Scavenger Pack now properly displays its Armor Icon when revealed in the Pack Explorer. Scroll to top

    Crew Skills

    All Crew Skills have had their skill cap increased to 600. All Crew Skills now have new 550-600 skill schematics on their respective trainers, and new Missions for 550-600. New Grade 10 Materials are now available for all Skills. New Grade 10 Schematics are now available for all Skills. New Grade 10 Missions are now available for all Skills. New harvesting nodes are now available for all Skills. These can be found in the Zakuulan Swamp and Zakuul cities alongside the Grade 9 harvesting nodes. Scroll to top

  • Armormech
  • New Grade 10 Armor Assembly Component. New Rating 220 & 228 Armor. New MK-10 Augment Kit. Rating 220 & 228 Endurance Armorings.

  • Synthweaving
  • New Grade 10 Synth Bonded Attachment. New Rating 220 & 228 Armor. New MK-10 Augment Kit. Rating 220 & 228 Mastery Armorings.

  • Armstech
  • New Grade 10 Arms Assembly New Rating 220 & 228 Weapons & Offhands. New MK-10 Augment Kit. Rating 220 & 228 Barrels.

  • Artifice
  • New Grade 10 Artifice Bonded Attachment New Rating 220 & 228 Weapons New Rating 220 & 228 Off-hands Rating 220 & 228 Hilts New Rating 220 & 228 Relics New Dye Modules New Color Crystals

  • Cybertech
  • New Grade 10 Cyber Assembly Component. New Rating 220 & 228 Earpieces. Rating 220 & 228 Mods & Enhancements.

  • Biochem
  • New Grade 10 Cell Graft. New Rating 220 & 228 Implants. New Grade 10 Stimpaks, Adrenals, & Medpacks. Scroll to top

    Flashpoints + Operations

    Equipment no longer drops in Operations and have been replaced with Crafting Schematics of modifications. In addition, the amount of crafting materials dropped has been increased. The Star Fortresses and Eternal Championship are both bolstered to level 70. They are still accessible beginning at level 65. High-Priority Target Mode Operations have ended. There are no longer Operations each week that are selected as High-Priority Targets. Scroll to top


    Menu Bar

    The HUD's main menu bar has been refactored into a much more compact pulldown bar, allowing us to add new systems and content without filling up your screen, and giving you more room to dock quickbars and other HUD elements along the top of the screen. Keyboard shortcuts are displayed next to the menu items, instead of in a large tooltip on the other side of the screen. The floating Cartel Market menu has been removed, and entry points to those systems now live in the main Menu Bar. In addition to the previously accessible menu items, the following have been added to the menu bar for easy access: Galactic Command (new feature). Command Stash (new feature). Chapters. Collections. Interface Editor. World Map. Codex. Tutorials. Scroll to top

  • Galactic Command
  • Upon reaching level 70, subscribers will have full access to the new Galactic Command UI (default shortcut: CTRL-G), where you can quickly jump into any activity in the game to advance your max level character's power. Features of the Galactic Command UI include: Immediately travel to Planetary Missions (which include Heroic and Daily Area missions) as well as Story Mode Flashpoints. Quickly and simultaneously queue for Flashpoints, Uprisings, Warzones, Operations, and Starfighter matches. View your current Command Experience Points and progress towards your next Command Rank, as well as access to any Command Crates you have accrued. View your server's Galactic Alignment to see the current status of the battle between the light side and the dark side on your server.

  • Chapter Difficulty
  • The Chapters window has been updated to allow replaying of previous chapters on either "Story" or "Veteran" difficulty levels. Previous chapters are now displayed in a list on the left side of the window. Medals denote which difficulties at which you have completed each chapter. The selected chapter's difficulty can be changed via the Difficulty dropdown next to the Launch button. You may also change the current chapter's difficulty by: Right-clicking the player portrait, or Selecting the chapter's entry in the Mission Log and selecting a new difficulty at the bottom of the window

  • Player Flair
  • In addition to the "Legendary" status, players can earn new portrait and nameplate decorations (Flair) by increasing their Command Rank or via purchase in the Cartel Market. You can choose which Flair you want to display (or disable it altogether) from the "Title Select" dropdown in the Character Sheet.

  • Command Stash
  • Command Crates may be opened via the Command Stash, which functions similarly to a lightweight Pack Explorer. Crates in your inventory will appear in the left pane. Click "OPEN" to open the crate, after which your awarded contents will appear in your item stash on the right. When you are ready to transfer your items from the stash to your inventory, simply select them and click "CLAIM". You may also DISINTEGRATE items, which will destroy them in exchange for Command Points. As you select items, your Command Rank bar will update with a preview of how many cumulative points you will receive for disintegrating said items. Hovering over an item will also display the disintegration point value in that item's tooltip.

  • Galactic Alignment
  • Players may choose whether their actions contribute to the Dark Side or the Light Side controlling the Galaxy. You may change this setting at any time, via either of two methods: Toggling the "dark" or "light" button in the Chosen Alignment widget in the HUD (docked next to the minimap by default). Toggling the "dark" or "light" button in the popup window that appears before launching an activity or when a match is found.

  • Miscellaneous
  • Legendary quality items are now denoted by a gold frame and text color, instead of dark indigo (which was difficult to read, and hard to discern from purple Artifact items). Tooltips have been made more opaque to increase legibility in situations where lots of text may be displayed behind the tooltip (e.g., vendors) Added a new "Enhanced" GUI layout, which is applied by default to newly-created Level 65 characters. When creating a character from the Character Select screen, players may now choose to start at Level 1, Level 60 (Knights of the Fallen Empire) or Level 65 (Knights of the Eternal Throne). Scroll to top

    Items + Economy

    Expertise has been removed from the game. All items that previously had Expertise no longer have it. No other changes were made to the items other than the removal of Expertise. Expertise Color Crystals have been converted to Mastery Color Crystals. Unassembled Gear Tokens now have an equivalent credit value to a purchased item of that rating, allowing them to be sold to a vendor. Scroll to top

    Missions + NPCs

    The Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter 1 tutorials have been updated and streamlined. Discipline and fantasy-defining abilities are individually granted as Players progress through Chapter 1. This new, reduced selection of abilities utilizes the Enhanced layout for ease of access. Mission credit income (including Heroic and Bonus Missions) has been reduced for Players in a group, and now gives a base amount of Credits plus 10% for each additional group member. It is no longer possible to speak to HK-55 prior to defeating the Zakuul Invaders in Chapter VIII of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Scroll to top


    Ranked Arena Season 7 has come to a glorious conclusion! You can use your Season 7 Tokens to purchase rewards from the Giradda vendor in the Combat section of either Fleet. Players who have earned End of Season rewards will be granted their items within 7 days of November 29th. If a character who has earned rewards is transferred to a different server, the reward grant will be delayed significantly. Ranked Warzone Arena Season 8 has started! Get in there and go berserk! Scroll to top