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The National Aeronautics and Aerospace Administration's purpose is to advance the cause of space exploration and research. Join us in discovering the past, present, and future of a group seeking the stars.
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Thousands of employees.
NASA has people all over the Earth working to study our planet and the worlds around it, from climate science to supernovae.

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NASA's Earth Observing System monitors the changes in our biosphere and how these alterations can affect our survival. They analyze glacier movements, ozone levels, global climate and weather, and several other characteristics of our planet. Learn more about the satellites and the people that do it here.

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Curiosity Rover Selfie on Mars


On Mars, NASA is taking detailed soil measurements, rock compositions, and searches for life with rovers like Opportunity and Curiosity that contain enormous amounts of technology to better search for other places that might be able to sustain human—or alien—existence.

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Advancing our technology.
Some of the most recognizable inventions today were born out of necessity for use in outer space or in harsh conditions like Mars.

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