Welcome to Honey and Cookie’s home page!

CookieHoney and Cookie are two little guinea pigs who are a year and a half old. They are sisters and are both tricolored. Honey is on the right and Cookie is on the left. I hope that by seeing all of these pictures for my beloved guinea pigs, you will be inspired to get your owHoneyn guinea pig. After all, guinea pigs are wonderful and precious creatures. My guinea pigs love me and each other, and I don’t know what I would be without them.
Honey and Cookie both have distinctive personalities. Check out the About Us page for information on their background and lives together. They each have a page dedicated to their favorite toys, foods, and hideouts. If you want to see just how intricate their personalities are, check out these pages.

For information on general care for pigs as well as a huge list of possible names, look at the Guinea Pig Info page.

I hope after reading the information on this site, you will love guinea pigs just as much as I do!

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